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RechenZentrum Technik Ltd. Tactical DataCentre Engineering and Commercialisation Team, aim at providing a Business Oriented Data Centre Project Management Platform for Entrepreneurs, DataCenter owners, Managers and Engineers to built new or improve existing DataCentres in Cloud Computing and Edge  Computing ecosystems.


IF: Do you have a Datacentre? OR Are you going to have one? THEN: We definitely have common friends and enemies. lets work together. 

RechenZentrum Technik Engineers are expert in Scientific methodologies and Simulation Technologies to validate the DataCentre related business Ideas, projects and problems, balancing ” Availability vs. Efficiency, Safety vs. Security, Resilience vs. Capacity, Physical Security vs. IT Security, Infrastructure vs. Operations, IT vs. Facility, Time vs. Money, CapEx vs. OpEx” and providing Data Centre Business Plan, Service Portfolio, Service Catalogue, branding book, go to market plan, founding and investors liaison, customer relationship plan, Continuous maintenance and improvement / Continuous Business Robustness Frameworks, Competitors relationship strategy and other Business or Technological aspects intending to support the DataCentre related decision makers.

Each industry has its unique set of data related challenges, one enterprise DataCentre solution may not be ideal or even successful in others. Our business case – specific tactics and expertise give us an algorithmic failureproof methods delivering the reliability, flexibility and engineered scalability to DataCentre Technology Architecture.

by RechenZentrum Technik Ltd,We are focused deeply on challenging Advanced Cloud Architectures, Edge (Fog) computing, Software Define Network, SDN, SDDC, NFV, OTT, MANO and Open Technologies. achieving highest performance KPIs in both Technical and Financial domains.

Our key to success is balancing between DataCentre Facility and IT/OT engineering optimisation and modern Business architecture.

we are open to related business partner or Projects in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein or any Deutsche language project lords as well as UK, Nordics and Benelux.

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